We’re the perfect match for internal marketing teams in both the public and private sector.


Peanut butter and jelly. Sand and mai-tais. Shade trees and good books. Some things are just meant to go together. You’ve probably had friendships that feel that perfect. We think you can have the same experience with your marketing agency.

On Advertising is a Phoenix advertising agency serving clients nationally. We are designed from the ground up to complement internal marketing and advertising teams. We can help you reach your customers and build business.

We understand your unique challenges. Your executives expect you to be great at graphic design, video, social media, SEO, PPC, CRM, web design, email marketing, and a million other things. But there are only 40 hours in a work-week (at least, someone told you that before you got into marketing), and just staying current on these topics is difficult, much less finding time to actually do it all.

We also understand what you bring to the table. You are extremely knowledgeable about your offering. You love your customers and understand them. You know how to get buy-in from the other departments in your company. You’re incredible at managing multiple complex projects at the same time.

Our purpose is to ease your challenges, magnify your strengths, and make you look great in process. We promise you’ll love it. Here’s how we can help:

Behind You with Brilliant Strategy

Whether you want to reconsider your whole approach to marketing, or are just looking for an outside confirmation that the plan you’ve developed is amazing, our incredible team of strategists is here to help you. We can tackle problems as broad as, “I’ve got a budget and a goal, but no idea how to get there.”  or as specific as, “I want to use video to improve my Facebook reach.”

We understand that successful campaigns are based on solid strategy, and we are here to help you in whatever way you want. Like a good friend, we know when to listen, and when to share our thoughts.

“Video First” Campaigns

As your partner, we can help you understand what your best features are, and how to present yourself to make the best impression. Our in-house video team is ready to help you further unlock the power of this incredible medium to find prospective customers, powerfully tell them your story, and convince them to buy from you. Whether it’s a 30 second television commercial, a homepage video, or a 10 minute product overview, our video services can take your marketing to the next level.

We believe marketers must change their outlook. Video can’t be an afterthought, it should be the starting point.

An agency isn’t a temporary alternative to internal marketing talent; it’s an essential partner for a marketing department of any size.  A recent LinkedIn search found that there are hundreds of current employees with marketing related jobs at Apple.  But Apple still retains an agency for creative perspective and execution of many tasks.

Full Service Advertising Agency

When you start a relationship with us, you actually get lots of instant friends, with lots of different talents. Some of the most important qualities in a friend are dependability and reliability, and those words describe everyone here.

A comprehensive marketing campaign might include website updates, branding elements, public relations, collateral, email, market research, gamification, a loyalty program, social media, search engine optimization, a mobile app, an event, and tons of other possibilities. Whatever your plan entails, we’re eager to make your campaign a reality.


If you want to work with On Advertising, you need to pass a chemistry test.  We’re not talking about ions and catalysts, we’re talking about relationship compatibility.

Are we destined to be BFFs?

A good friendship usually starts just by hanging out, and it grows from there. Let’s start the conversation. Let’s get a meal or coffee.


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