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We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our latest website development project,

We’re proud of all our websites and appreciate the work all our clients do.  It can be especially fulfilling to work on a project that has such an important mission – the protection of adolescent children from sexual exploitation.

Due to SAFE’s early successes, it rapidly evolved from a local non-profit, to an organization with a national scope, specializing in training for hospitality and other industries that are poised to make a big impact in sex trafficking.  They needed a new website that properly acknowledged their mission and expertise, and that made it easy to distribute their digital training materials.

In addition to a custom design, this site had one particular special requirement.  As a condition of their funding, SAFE is required to keep track of how many people access their educational content.  To do this, they need analytics that go a little deeper than the what can be offered by knowing page views, viewing time, etc.  For example, if a group of 50 hotel employees is going to watch a video as part of an employee training, a regular analytics package would show it as one view, not 50.

The team at SAFE chose Adobe Connect to host their materials, which offers the ability to collect this kind of information without creating a custom analytics program.  We were responsible for creating a beautiful, simple interface to make it easy for people seeking training to access the training on Adobe Connect.

SAFE’s Project Director wrote us to say, “We are beyond pleased with the ease of working with your team on our SAFE website. You should be proud of the team you have assembled. The website looks better than anything we could have imagined!”

SAFE’s national website launch has been an absolute success, and we’re happy to be their partner in fulfilling such an important mission.


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