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Over 10,000 attendees shuffling through a crowded tradeshow floor with their eyes in search of their next destination or glued to their phones as they figure out who and what they should see next. This was the scene at Legaltech New York last week.

With a jam-packed, three-day schedule of exhibit hall demos, track sessions, hallway networking and receptions, there’s a lot for attendees to see and do. So what’s an exhibitor to do to get their attention, especially among 200 other legal tech players showcasing their latest innovations and discussing trends?

What’s astonishing about Legaltech (and really any trade show) is the cost of booths, demo suites, other sponsorships (yes, the napkins and coffee are paid by a sponsor). We’ve done our homework and know that companies are making huge investments to be in front of 88% of AmLaw 100 firms. However, the cost must be justified, as they continue to come back each year, often going bigger and better than the previous year.

The million dollar question (or 15 thousand dollar question if we’re talking about a keycard sponsor) is how many of those companies are also taking advantage of the prestige of the conference and the expense of their sponsorships to fully market their company online? Well, after doing a quick analysis, we can tell you exactly which companies at Legaltech took their event marketing beyond the booth or promotional pen to ensure their investments were supported by a full multichannel marketing plan.

Who used Twitter to chirp?

A quick search of the top 20 hashtags showed several trends in daily blog posts, booth highlights, speakers and even the use of polls to engage attendees.

kCura promoting every sponsored session

On Advertising (of course!) using polling

Legalweek Show dolling out booth props

Legalweek Show dolling out booth props

Epiq Systems blogging each day

Epiq Systems blogging each day


The results are real: Increasing exposure via social and email campaigns

For those who put in the effort to maximize their attendance and sponsorship, the rewards were aplenty. Among On Advertising clients, website visits increased by an average of 22% during Legalweek marketing efforts. Our clients that used organic engagement and onsite posting via LinkedIn and Twitter increased impression rates by an average of 64%. Email had similar success rates, with an average open rate of 30% (compared to the industry average of 18%).

Twitter Impressions Example - Area in orange shows client increase during Legaltech 2017

Twitter Impressions Example – Area in orange shows client increase during Legaltech 2017


You snooze, you lose. Get your post-show marketing plan together today.

If your company didn’t see similar or better results, you might not have made digital marketing a priority. Does that mean you just have to try again next year? As Napoleon Dynamite would say: “Heck no!” There’s still time to launch a follow up campaign so you can nurture your Legaltech leads into new business. Don’t just dump them into a CRM system or database. Segment and tag them to saved lists for optimization in your post-show marketing campaign.

We recommend making the initial follow up touchpoint one to two weeks after the event, when attendees have returned to their daily grind but are still likely to remember you and may want to read your email. To ensure they definitely want to read your email (and continue the conversation), include a piece of valuable content, such as a link to an event summary blog post, answers to at-the-booth FAQs, or an infographic summarizing the polls you did at the event.

Your blog post should feature a breakdown of the show, key themes and trends, and your own take on the keynote messages or panel discussions. Don’t forget to promote your post via social media, with bonus points for including pics of your crowded booth or shoutouts to clients you saw there (always using the show’s handle and hashtag to increase exposure).

Now take these tips and nurture your Legaltech leads with a follow up campaign. If you’re short on time or simply want to bring in the experts to drive and execute a successful plan, we are ready to go to work. On Advertising is a metrics-driven company. We don’t just implement a strategy and trust our gut that it will work – we rely on measurable data to demonstrate its efficiency. If you’re ready to see the return on your event investment in tangible leads or contacts, then contact us today.

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