Want to work with ON Advertising? That’s Great!

We’ve found that a great business relationship is just as much about chemistry as it is about qualifications.  Through our decades of experience, we’ve refined a process to make sure we are the right agency for you.  Here’s what you can expect:

Complimentary Consultation Call

The Complimentary Consultation Call is an opportunity for you to pick the brains of ON Advertising’s top strategists and get some early ideas for how your marketing and advertising programs can be more successful.  As part of this call, we will learn more about your business and we will talk about how we might be able to help you and answer any questions you have about the agency. To make the most of this introduction call, please be open about your overall business, your goals, and your challenges, as this will allow our experts to give you the most relevant advice.

Growth Analysis Call

If the Consultation Call identifies an opportunity for ON Advertising to help your business in a more involved way, our next interaction will be a Growth Analysis Call.  During this call, we will ask additional questions about your goals, expectations, target audience, pain points, issues, concerns and your prior marketing and advertising experiences.

Concept Review Meeting

After the Growth Analysis Call, the creative team at ON Advertising will spend time brainstorming solutions to your marketing and advertising challenges at our proposal presentation. During that time, we’ll expect someone on your team to respond to any new questions that come up in a timely manner. We will present marketing and/or advertising concepts which will be produced and presented at our proposal meeting.

Final Presentation

If we get this far, it means that our team has felt a lot of chemistry with your team, and we’re really feeling good about the potential for a relationship.  We’ll have revised and solidified our ideas based on your feedback from the Concept Review.  Now it’s time to get together all the relevant stakeholders on your team to meet with our leaders and creatives to make it official.  After presenting the plan that our teams have developed together, we’ll ask you to sign the consulting agreement that lets us bring it all to life.


We’re going to work with each other. Hooray!

Usually, after an official decision to move forward is reached, there are new people from your team and ours that will brought into the mix.  The kick off meeting is an opportunity to get everyone on the same page, prioritize projects, and develop the plan of action to get the campaign started right.

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